Basic research methods 

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X-ray specs, Carrie Witherell

The turtle is really neat.

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Framing channels with a superhydrophobic coating, these liquid drops can defy gravity and flow upward. Framing a channel with a superhydrophobic coating, this liquid can defy gravity and flow upwards.


Flow Masters

by Michael Keller

Over the last decade, materials scientists have been trying really hard to keep from getting wet. To that end, they’ve made huge strides developing coatings that so thoroughly repel dirt and water, they seem almost magic. Their secret? Recreating the nanoscale structures that some organisms employ to stay clean and dry and to redirect liquid flow. 

Among researchers’ muses from the natural world are the stenocara beetle, lotus and nasturtium leaves, and the wings of butterflies. The National Science Foundation has compiled some compelling visual examples of natural and synthesized superhydrophobic surfaces. See the full video below. 

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Chapter 1 - Perspectives on Sexuality

I’m reading Our Sexuality by Robert Crooks and Karla Baur. These are the interesting facts I found in Ch 1:

  • In the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in 1998, Clinton’s initial declaration that he did not have “sex with that woman” was true if one, like many people, considers sex to consist of only intercourse.
  • Excess emphasis on intercourse as sex has negative consequences. For example, it perpetuates the notion that sexual orgasm is supposed to occur during penetration.
  • Kissing and caresses are often deemed foreplay, implying that they are to be followed by intercourse. 
  • Rigid gender-role conditioning can limit each person’s full range on human potential and produce a negative impact on sexuality. 
  • Mass media has existed for a short time in human history and has a huge effect on our sexuality. Concurrent with technological advances have come greater serialization in the media. 
  • On average, by the time we are 18 years one, we have watched 20,000 hours of TV impacting our sexuality. 
  • Since the arrival of music videos in 1981, women have been portrayed in the most extreme view on sexuality. (Read more)
  • It was estimated that in 1999 9 million people visited sex web sites daily. Imagine how large that number is today.
  • Devices that internet users can connect to their computer to stimulate sensations related to sex online were predicted in 2000. They are here.
  • We know very little about Jesus’s view of sexuality.
  • Throughout the Middle Ages, the withdrawal method to avoid pregnancy was the most serious sin.
  • Around the 2nd century BCE, Taoism actively promoted sexual activity to achieve spiritual growth and harmony. The earliest known sex manuals were produced in China around 200 BCE. These liberal Taoist ideals were replaced in China around 1000 CE and sexual expression remains conservative there today.
  • Ancient condoms were made from goat bladders.
  • "I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men… For Adam was formed first, the Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor" (I Timothy 2:11-15).
  • An estimated 50,000 witches were executed in Europe after Queen Elizabeth I’s rule.
  • in 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft's book The Vindication of the Rights of Women attacked the prevailing practices of giving young girls dolls rather than school books. 
  • Female breasts create no erotic interest for men in New Guinea. 
  • Physicians maintain that inadequate sexual knowledge is the main cause for sexual disorders.
  • Oral-genital sex is most common among young, college educated whites and least common among African Americans and less educated individuals.
  • People with more education masturbate more than do less educated people.
  • 1973 - Roe v. Wade - Supreme Court decided that abortion is a woman’s choice.
  • APA (American Psychological Association) removed homosexuality from a mental disorder in 1974.
  • AIDS was first known as GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency).
  • The first test-tube baby was born in 1978.

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The structure of an animal cell

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Pay close attention to how many children are from the same family.

Please keep in mind that the name, age, sex and location of only 132 of the 155 Palestinian children killed (correct as of 22 July 2014) was able to be gathered (collected by Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights).

What’s even more heartbreaking is that the speed of which Israel continues its ethnic cleansing of Palestine means death toll figures become outdated every hour.

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From 16 years of age, Jadav Payeng has been planting a forest in northeast India, tree by tree. Not only is it fighting the effects of erosion, it’s become a home for elephants, rhinos, and Bengal tigers.

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If you want to save your child from polio, you can pray or you can inoculate. … Choose science.
Carl Sagan (The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark)

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How To Train Your Humans

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